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Koral Bowls Strategy is the first smoothie bowl stand in Barcelona. A different way of drinking smoothies with a spectacular texture, made on the spot with frozen fruit and other superfoods full of benefits for body and mind.



Koral Bowls wanted to make themselves known through social networks. That's why they contacted us, to create an account from scratch.


After understanding well the brand values, such as sustainability and the quality of its products, we decided to create a community on Instagram. Our objective was to create a community on Instagram, a community with a strong common message. The results were spectacular.


02_Strategy We targeted people in Barcelona who like to feel good about themselves and take care of the environment. The art direction focused on bright, tropical colours.


03_Results We got more than 3K followers in less than 3 months, with an Engagement Rate of 32% (the average ER for an account between 1K and 3K is 5%).


In less than two months, the main customers were coming thanks to Instagram, asking for a bowl they had seen on @koralbowls or in their friend's story who had tagged us.  




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